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Meet Rosie

A sweet BullMastiff came into the Veterinary office, and even an inexperienced veterinary assistant could tell this was a sick dog. I pieced together from conversations from Dr. Hoffman that she was gravely concerned that this dog may have pyometra. An infection of the uterus that can be fatal if not treated. Dr Hoffman felt strongly that this was an urgent situation and advised that the patient required emergency surgery to remove the uterus that day.

Photo of Rosie the bull mastiff supported by OPC and the Furry Friends Fund

The owner, a client of Ohio Pet Charities and someone who had obviously taken great care of Rosie, was genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of her pet. She wanted to move forward with the surgery, but the cost would be at least $2,000, and this was beyond her means. She looked into financing the cost of the procedure, but this would also place a great strain on her limited financial resources.

Upon talking to various staff members, including Dr. Hoffman, my wife Elizabeth and I reached out to the board members of our charity to aid with this procedure. We agreed to donate $1,000 to help with the cost of the surgery.

The surgery was successful, and Rosie was able to go home the next day. I visited her often in her run after the procedure, and with tail wagging, and a lifted head you could tell she felt good and was ready to return to her happy life with her owner. I think I felt as good if not better than she did. I hope the rest of OPC shares that joy.


If you would like to help more even more pets in need of life-saving surgery, please consider donating to our Furry Friends Fund. Your money will directly fund operations, recovery, and all health-related costs incurred.

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