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Poochella! at OWU 2023

April 15, 2023

1PM - 4PM

Pet rescues, pet vendors, veterinarians, food trucks, beer garden, live music & fun activities!

Learn about opportunities within the veterinary field in discussions with veterinarians and their teams.

Poochella! Schedule




​Lucky Penny Sisters

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

​Beeghly Library Stage

Ohio Pet Charities Basket Raffle Winners Announcement

2:00 PM

​Beeghly Library Stage

Ohio Bird Sanctuary Show

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM


​Lucky Penny Sisters

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

​Beeghly Library Stage

Ohio Bird Sanctuary Show

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM


Dr. Reynolds with COVE

All Day Rotation

Hamilton Williams Campus Center, Room 312

Primal Pet Foods

All Day Rotation

Hamilton Williams Campus Center, Crider Lounge

Who's at Poochella!


Free Microchipping

COVE and Pet FBI will be offering free microchipping and registration to the first 25 dog owners that request it. Pet FBI can also scan your existing microchip and offer advice on registration. If your dog is fearful a regular veterinarian visit will be recommended.

Hollywood Feed Pet Donation Station

Poochella will feature a Pet Donation Station where attendees can drop off donations for the rescues. Items include food: canned, kibble, freeze dried, or air dried, treats, towels, blankets, cleaning supplies, bleach, poo bags, pet beds, pet crates, etc.

Ambassador animals on display at Poochella, a wonderful activity for both kids and parents. Volunteers will hold your pet at a respectful distance away from the ambassador animals so you can enjoy the experience.

Ohio Bird Sanctuary

Ambassador raptor presentations.

Live Music

Performances from the Lucky Penny Sisters will be a great way to enjoy your food and beverages during the event.

How to ‘Build a Better Bowl’ with Pathogen-Free Fresh Food Products with Emma Kumbier, Veterinary Outreach, Primal Pet Foods

Emma is in charge of Primal’s veterinary communication, education, and outreach. Her time at Primal is spent attending veterinary conferences educating on the industry/brand, leading Lunch & Learn sessions for clinics and universities, as well as facilitating our outreach opportunities. She began her career with Primal in 2018 after obtaining her BS in Zoology and fulfilling the pre-veterinary requirements. In college she worked in practice as a veterinary assistant for 5 years in addition to her part time role at the independent pet shop down the road from the clinic. It was a mix of the two simultaneous jobs that sparked her interest in feeding dogs & cats real, whole foods and what it may do for their overall health.

As interest in adding fresh food to their pet’s bowl continues to rise, learn Primal’s role in leading the fresh food category. Uncover the vast array of products under Primal’s umbrella – complete frozen & freeze dried diets, fresh food & meat based toppers, bone broth, goat’s milk, and *new* gently cooked options. Discover supportive research while learning about Primal’s approach to balanced diets and commitment to food safety.

30-45mins + time for Q&A

Dr. Jimmy Reynolds, COVE and On The Spot

COVE serves the community with the gold standard in veterinary emergency care.

Do you have a question for our veterinarians? Come to Dr. Jimmy's breakout session and learn about their new fully renovated state-of-the-art medical facility in Delaware, Ohio.

COVE offers 7x24 hour emergency care and surgery as well as urgent care and elective orthopedic surgery.

Nature is Cool Kid's Interactive Hands-on Activities

The kid's area will feature parts of the OWU museum's natural history specimen collection.

  • This will include animal furs to touch and identify

  • A microscope to look at various bugs

  • Skulls/bones of various species, and some native Ohio specimens to look at and learn about

  • The table will be interactive and educational


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