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Recap of Honda & Hounds Indiana 2023

We had near perfect weather for Honda and Hounds Indiana. Please see the photos and info below!

Dog wash station at Honda & Hounds Indiana 2023

The park setup went well; we had plenty of space and lovely shady trees to pitch our tents under. Local rescues brought adoptable dogs and kittens. People arrived with their pets and the word spread to the town throughout the event.

The dog wash station was pretty popular and the pooches appreciated (for the most part) the bath and then racing around the dog park with their pals!

A bright spot was The Triple R Equine Rescue Ranch who brought 2 mini horses, and three hair sheep to interact with the participants. This is why it is so lovely to be in a small community who support each other. One of the dogs (Onyx) was adopted by the granddaughter of the equine rescue owner and prompted the Greensburg Animal Control to bring some sweet puppies from the shelter. These little girls were super popular, and provided squishy puppy kisses to the crowd.

The Triple R Equine Rescue Ranch petting station with goats and other rescue animals

I worked with a local assisted living and memory care facility that borders the park and some of the residents were able to come over and see the horses and sheep, and it was very touching.

We took the two horses, and the puppies and a kitten to the outside area of the facility where they were greeted with smiles and pets from the residents who were so excited to join the fun. For the less ambulatory residents we took two of the puppies inside and visited memory care and many of the rooms in the facility. It was an amazing experience to see the puppies brighten up the days of the residents.

The cherry at the top of this, Ohio Pet Charities and Honda Federal Credit Union (HFCU) purchased ice cream novelties and snow cones from the Snowie truck for 46 of the residents.

Honda & Hounds Indiana's pet donation station, donated by Feeders Pet Supply

Back at the event our esteemed president Elizabeth and Cindy Haavisto from HFCU met with the local charities and city officials to begin planning a much larger event for next year integrated with a Greensburg event that draws around 5,000 people.

The HFCU team estimated attendance around 240. The vendors were very appreciative, and made some really good connections. Shepherd Boy Farms has a super strong line of freeze dried pet treats, and will attend some of our future events.

Feeders Pet Supply was a large contributor to the Pet Donation Station and Bartholomew County Humane Society was in dire need of these supplies and received all of them with the blessing of the other humane societies present.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Barker's Market this Saturday at the Dublin Farm Market.

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