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Princess Diana and the Foot Trap

Imagine you are royalty...well feline royalty and as you traverse your empire you stumble into a racoon trap. Meet her majesty Princess Diana who had the bad misfortune to catch her foot in a Duke's Dog Safe Trap (see the picture below for what this device looks like).

Duke's Dog Safe Trap

While the mechanism is too small for a dog's paw, they are often baited with cat food to catch a racoon and this time the trap caught a cat. Princess Diana was gone from her home for five days and when she arrived back to her family, she brought the trap with her through the cat door.

Her family researched how to remove the trap from her foot and realized the damage was extensive.

They took her to an emergency vet to see if the foot was salvageable, which it was not and the cost for amputation and treatment was over $5,000 dollars. This cost was on top of the initial visit to review the foot.

They reached out to Ohio Pet Charities for help. We worked with our veterinary team of Dr. Jimmy Reynolds (COVE), VEG (Veterinary Emergency Group) and Dr. Michael Henricks and Dr. Ashlie Saffire (Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic) to review the paperwork from the emergency clinic and Dr. Saffire felt the best option was amputation and for a lesser cost than Princess Diana's family was quoted.

Dr. Saffire conducted the surgery on July 1, 2023 and in her words "Princess Diana is one of the sweetest kitties she's worked with in her career." Princess Diana was in excellent hands as Dr. Ashlie Saffire is Board Certified in Feline Practice by The American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. She owns The Cat Specialty Center at Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic.

We followed up with Princess Diana's parents and she is enjoying her life and getting around without issue.

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